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How to Enrol

Enrolment Procedure

To enrol at a Young Scholars centre, please contact the Enrolment Teams on 1300 974 447 or via email on


Parent and child surveys help to gain feedback on the operations of the service, and suggestion boxes, encourage stakeholders to offer ideas for programming and improvement activities.

Parents may approach the staff at any time if they have issues they need to discuss.

A weekly newsletter is distributed to staff, families and children. It is vital for you to read this as it contains information regarding relevant issues within your child’s specific centre.

Additional notices will also be sent home to keep you informed of any changes, or “what is happening” within the centre (eg Accreditation, programs etc.)

Parents are also able to receive any information via email.

Notice boards are situated within each centre. These contain information concerning community events, our weekly menu, weekly program and the like. Please check these notice boards regularly so that you can remain a “well-informed” parent.

An interpreter service is available for any families who require it.


Grievance Procedure

Should you be unhappy with any part of our service, we welcome any comments or complaints as well as any feedback or suggestions that may benefit other families attending the centre, the local community and of course your child!

Feel free to speak with the Authorised Supervisor at a time that’s convenient for both of you, if possible make an appointment so as not to be disappointed. If you would prefer to put it in writing, we have complaint forms within the Centre.

If an issue can not be resolved, an independent third party will be bought in for resolution.